Brawn Construction

BRAWN Construction provides Construction Services to the Yakima Washington Area.

Nick Brawn is the Owner/Operator

Nick Brawn has been in business as Brawn Construction for 21 years, plus has worked for over 29 years in all Phases of Construction. 509-910-2024


We Build Custom Paver Patios, Driveways, And Sidewalks. Landscape Construction of all kinds. Retaining Wall Installation, and Rock Placement. Custom Drainage Construction From French Drains to Pit drains, driveway Channel Drains. Waterfalls and Creek Installation. We can install sprinkler systems and custom outdoor lighting systems. 

Excavation Services, Dig Outs, Trenching, Grading, Septic Systems, Stump removal, Driveway and Patio replacement, Rock walls, Leveling, Driveways, Roads, Demolition, All excavation work Small jobs or large, We are set up To do the Smallest backyard homeowner repair or landscape excavation, to large digging jobs. House Dig outs, Concrete Demo, and much more.  FREE ESTIMATES 509-910-2024

Built In Vacuum Systems

Sales & Installations of Built in Vacuums in new or existing homes. Allergy sufferers and Asthma Sufferers will Benefit from a Truly Clean Home. The dust from the home is taken to the central vacuum and not directed back into the home like in portable units. Also Central Vacuum's are Much more powerful than any portable. The Value of your home is increased by adding a central vac. Economically Priced units make installing these in your home a very reasonable option.    

Bathtub Step Modification




   We will Modify Your Existing Bathtub for easy Access. Turning Your existing tub into a shower base by Cutting the tub down. No Costly and time consuming remodels, we are done in One Day. Free Estimates ! 509-910-2024  Falling getting into and out of the Bathtub is the number one cause of Falling down among Senior Citizens Today ! This Makes Life easier, and is a simple and fast fix to a big problem. FREE ESTIMATES 509-910-2024

Home Additions and Remodeling

    Brawn Construction will Remodel Your Home any way that you choose, Home additions, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, Complete Redo of trim and doors, new floors, New roof, Brick and stone installations, You name it, we can do it for you. Free Estimates

Walk in Bathtubs

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